Saginaw Valley State University‘s High School Programming Competition Rules

  1. Teams may have a maximum of THREE students.
  2. No food or drink in the labs. Breakfast will be served before the contest, and lunch supplied after. If any students have any health conditions and must eat during the competition please inform us when you register.
  3. Each team will use ONE computer, all other computers in the lab must stay powered down. No computer equipment may be brought into the contest area.
  4. Teams are allowed to bring a reasonable number of computer books and/or notebooks into the contest area for use during the contest. Teams are NOT allowed to bring any electronic forms of information to use during the competition.
  5. Room monitors may not help you with any programming related question. They can however help with the software issues.
  6. A calculator will be provided for contestants within the programming environment. All other calculators are prohibited and will result in disqualification if used during the competition.
  7. Teams may work on the problems in any order, and submit them in any order.
  8. Teams will not have their own printer. A network printer will be accessible. All teams must put their team name and room number on the top of their program or else the print out will not be delivered.
  9. Any questions to the judges should be submitted using the software provided. Each question will be acknowledged, although the judges may refuse to answer any question. The question and its answer may be provided to all contestants if it seems relevant.
  10. The judge’s decision is final.
  11. Teams are not allowed to use non-contest software on their computers. Teams are not allowed to use web browsers, telnet, ssh, ftp, or other networking software to obtain help on their contest problems.
  12. If you leave the programming environment you will be disqualified, if it is by accident immediately raise your hand for the room monitors assistance getting back into the environment.