Frequently Asked Questions

What languages are avialable to use on the day of the contest?

This year, we are offering C++, Java, Python, Please Note that visual basic is NOT included anymore.

How many schools have been invited?

All Michigan high schools were welcome to come and compete.

How many members does each team consist of?

Teams may consist of no more than three students.

Can we have more than one team?

We are currently don't have a limit on how many teams a school can bring however we may change depending on the number of schools that participate. We have a limited amount of space; therefore, in order for us to best service the contestants we may need to allow only one team per school.

May one team utilize C++ while another uses Python?

Sure, we do not have a problem with different teams using different environments.

What is the format of the competition and how are the problems graded?

Grading will stay the same as previous years. More information will be included in the email you have or will be recieving.