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Competition Description

The High School Programming Competition is held every year on Saginaw Valley's campus. It is sponsored by the local student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, Saginaw Valley's Office of Admissions, and the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology's Computer Science and Information Systems Department. High school students in teams of three come from all around Michigan to compete against each other. They are given a series of problems of varying difficulty to solve programmatically using C++, Java, Python. Please Note that visual basic is NOT included anymore.

What Happens the Day of the Competition?

Teams first check in with our staff, where they will receive their t-shirts and lab assignments. They will then be asked to have a seat in the auditorium, where they will receive further instructions and rules for the competition. After the staff goes over the rules, the students will be taken to their labs, and the coaches and alternates will be taken to the waiting area by staff. After everyone is settled, the teams have three hours to correctly complete as many of the problems that they are given as possible. After the competition is over, the coaches and teams are reunited for lunch, while the judges make their final decisions. After lunch is the award ceremony.

Why Should My School Compete?

  • Challenges your students' abilities in a 3-hour coding session
  • Win prizes/plaques
  • FREE lunch
  • FREE admission
  • Meet the crazy ACM staff
  • Meet the well-known CSIS professors
  • Compete against and meet other high school students

If you have more questions please click here to E-Mail the High School Programming Competition Committee.